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Corporate Tax

  • Tax planning

    Tax planning

    Advent tax experts are helping individuals to optimise their tax situation by providing strategies to minimise taxes, such as tax-efficient investment strategies, retirement account contributions, and deductions.

  • Tax Implementation

    Tax Implementation

    Implementation involves applying tax rules and regulations to ensure state tax laws compliance. Our Tax experts are helping businesses in UAE to interpret the tax regulations effectively and develop internal procedures and policies to comply with the Corporate Tax Law of the UAE.

  • Tax Compliance

    Tax Compliance

    It's essential for taxpayers to diligently follow the tax compliance process to ensure that they meet their obligations under tax laws and regulations and avoid potential penalties, interest, or other legal consequences for non-compliance. Our Tax Advisors are proficient in navigating tax compliance complexities and ensuring accurate and timely compliance with tax laws.

  • Transfer Pricing

    Transfer Pricing

    Transfer pricing is a complex and highly regulated area of taxation that requires careful analysis, documentation, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It is essential for UAE entities to carefully manage their transfer pricing practices to ensure compliance with local transfer pricing rules and avoid potential tax risks or disputes with tax authorities. Our Transfer pricing experts are helping entities prepare their TP agreements per OECD regulations to comply with local Tax regulations.

  • CT Audit

    CT Audit

    Corporate tax audits ensure that companies accurately report their income, deductions, credits, and other tax-related information in their tax returns. The tax authority may request various documents and information from the company and may also require explanations and justifications for the tax positions taken in its tax returns. Our tax professionals assist organisations to be well-prepared for a corporate tax audit by maintaining accurate and complete tax records, complying with applicable tax laws, by performing the tax audit under similar circumstances as the Tax Authorities.