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Business Advisory

Advent Management Consultancies is considered as one of the best vat advisory consulting services in Dubai as well as all over UAE. In the dynamic global economic environment, efficient strategic decisions and effective execution are more important than ever before. AMC helps organizations to respond to the external factors timely to take advantage of new opportunities, drive growth, and harness innovation while mitigating risks and delivering value.

  • Budgeting


    Budgeting is vital for business success, providing a structured approach to financial planning, resource allocation, expense control, cash flow management, goal setting, performance evaluation, decision-making, and financial accountability. It helps businesses achieve financial stability, profitability, and growth and enables them to navigate the dynamic and competitive business environment with better financial management practices.

  • Business Evaluation

    Business Evaluation

    Business Evaluation is a critical process for assessing a business's performance, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It provides valuable insights to inform decision-making, strategic planning, and resource allocation to enhance business performance, competitiveness, and sustainability. Our consultants use various business valuation methods and analyse the results with market research, benchmarking, performance metrics, and customer feedback.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Feasibility Studies

    Feasibility studies help mitigate risks, optimise resources, and provide a foundation for informed decision-making, which can contribute to the success and sustainability of a project or business venture. Our professionals have extensive experience conducting detailed feasibility studies for various business sectors and projects to ensure the business idea's viability.

  • Business Restructuring

    Business Restructuring

    Business restructuring can be complex and require careful planning, analysis, and implementation to achieve the desired outcomes. It may also involve legal, financial, and operational considerations and impact employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Our Financial and Legal Experts can handle your business restructuring process smoothly and Proficiently.

Our team of vat advisory services Dubai work with clients in two service groups to tackle opportunities and challenges in growth, governance, and performance. AMC with its exclusive methodologies provides leading-edge advisory to scan through the organizational system for efficiency and effectiveness, such that bottlenecks at all levels are immediately addressed.

Experience in various industries, extensive knowledge resources and ground zero approaches to solutions is the key to success at AMC. We assume best practices are implementable; we only like to create them, this provides the little advantage that any organization would need to create that winning impact.

AMC provides best in class services to cope with the emerging challenges and convert them into opportunities for large and mid-sized organizations.