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Taxes are one of the tools of fiscal policy as governments seek through them to achieve economic goals and financial goals, and tax is the tool through which private behaviour is transformed into collective action in the direction of the public good.

Contemporary countries seek to adopt direct and indirect taxes to maintain an effective tax policy consistent with the objectives of economic policy in general. The Gulf Cooperation Council countries have relied on indirect taxes for what distinguishes them from direct taxes, especially reducing the tax burden on the taxpayer and achieving tax justice in the face of Variation in the distribution of wealth.

The development team at Advent Management Consultancy, best VAT & Tax Consulting Services Dubai always keeps abreast of events, as we had the honour to lead in accreditation to provide tax advice in the United Arab Emirates and to establish a special department that included a group of tax experts practicing in neighbouring countries and assistants to provide advice in various tax fields and represent our clients before the Federal Authority To taxes.

VAT Advisory consulting services Dubai Services

  • Register companies with the tax authorities and obtain a tax number for the facility
  • Structuring and designing accounting systems in line with tax systems, providing ease and integration in creating tax reports
  • Procedures related to how to avoid double taxation and to deal with taxes collected and supplied within the establishment’s accounting systems
  • Preparing and reviewing periodic tax forms and declarations for companies in preparation for submitting them to the competent authorities in the Gulf Cooperation Council states in the correct manner
  • Follow up on objections related to tax returns and their consequences.

Advent Management Consultancy services in the field of a value-added tax:

  • Company registration with the Federal Tax Authority
  • Provide preparatory tax advice
  • Provide tax accounting consulting
  • Coordination with the company’s accountant regarding the necessary amendments to the accounting system
  • Review tax reports before submitting them to the Federal Tax Authority
  • Providing technical support and tax accounting advice
  • Review the processes of calculating the tax payable to the state
  • Review tax and refundable operations from the state
  • Provide the necessary directions regarding dealing with the Federal Tax Authority
  • Assisting the company in protecting and defending its interests against the Federal Tax Authority
  • Providing auditing services related to the company’s transactions with the Federal Tax Authority
  • Representing the company before the Federal Tax Authority
  • Assisting the company’s accountants in preparing tax returns
  • Educating the employees of the company, especially the sales department, regarding taxes
  • Providing systemic legal accounting services about tax
  • Preparing appeal notes against the authority’s decisions in case they are unfair to the company’s right and following it up
  • Preparing appeal notes on fines that the authority may impose on the company

VAT and Accounting training Consulting Services Dubai with the direct aim of direct taxes to help clients comply with tax obligations and work to improve working capital, reduce tax errors and pay direct taxes such as value-added tax taxes and customs duties that affect the customer’s global supply chain and financial and accounting systems.

There is a difference between VAT and general tax. The latter is imposed on income, and everything in it is revenue, regardless of the revenue, whether from salary and income or trade. It depends on income and depends on the segments, and the value-added tax is fixed on certain goods on a fixed basis for everyone, at a rate of 5%.

And the value-added tax in some countries may reach 13% and 14%; because it is a sales tax, but the United Arab Emirates set it at 5% while excluding the added tax on education below the university level. Still, taxes were imposed on books and other supplies.

VAT Return & Excise Tax Filing Dubai depends on the value of the commodity itself or the value of the service, so what is related to the consumer is that he pays the prescribed rate, whatever the price, but there are refunds for the retail distributor because he can recover what he paid to the main distributor if he has a tax number, which is when he submits his tax return He deducts it. In the end, only the customer and not the merchant bear the value of the added tax.