In order to successfully serve customers, businesses must have an acute understanding of customers’ needs. Through primary and/or secondary research, ADVENT Management Consultants uncovers the precise needs of customers, how these needs are currently being fulfilled, and what is required to better satisfy these customers. AMC uses demographic profiles and assesses the needs of the potential customers by analyzing the answer to the following questions:

What is the average revenues/income of these customers?

  • Where are these customers geographically based?
  • What products or services are these customers currently purchasing to fulfil their needs?
  • What factors drive the decision-making of these customers (e.g., price, service, reliability)?
  • How do these customers make buying decisions (e.g., multiple decision makers, multiple bids)?

By truly understanding customers, AMC is able to assess the feasibility of an idea, modify it as needed, and create action plans that maximize the probability of market success.