All too often, business owners rely solely on financial statements to tell them how the business is performing. While financial statements provide important information, such as the level of profit or debt, they won’t tell you if profit is increasing or decreasing, or if the debt is healthy or not.

KPI dashboards

We use a combination of business expertise and highly visual KPI dashboard technologies to help you measure the performance of your business. The process involves identifying, customizing and automating exactly what’s measured allowing to:

  • Assess the financial impact of future strategic and operational decisions
  • Identify financial performance trends and drivers and manage risks.
  • Develop dashboards to help visualize performance and improve performance reporting
  • Tweak the business models to get the outcomes you want.

Financial analysis

The financial analysis gives you deeper insight and helps you to look behind the numbers to identify the business’ core financial drivers. Proper financial analysis helps you answer critical questions, including:

  • What financial trends are appearing in the business?
  • Could you improve cash without increasing sales?
  • How much cash does it take to grow?
  • Is the level of debt funding, right?

Is the business financially sustainable and giving the owners an appropriate investment return?